What is USB OTG? 12 Amazing USB OTG Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

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USB OTG is a very useful feature for smartphones. This feature can be seen in almost every modern smartphone. So let’s see what USB OTG is


USB OTG – (USB ON-THE-GO) is a standard feature that allows a device to read or write data from a USB device! The device becomes a USB host. For example, you can plug a USB Pen drive into a smartphone via OTG cable. Then you can access the pen drive’s files via the mobile phone file manager app. Also, you can copy any file to a pen drive from your smartphone’s internal storage.

You can do a lot with this, but basically, you need two things

  1.  USB OTG support smartphone
  2. USB OTG cable / adaptor

Before you buy OTG Adaptor/cable simply check your smartphone exactly supports the USB OTG feature, otherwise, your money will be wasted!

The easiest & fast way to check if your device support USB OTG is to look at the specifications at the box it came in, or ask the customer care hotline & check the manufacturer’s website. You’ll see a nice logo like the one below, or ‘USB OTG’ written on the specification list.

usb otg logo

If the above method does not work for you then this method is suitable for you. Go to the Google Play Store. Go there and type “USB OTG Checker”. Now you can see thousands of apps. You can test with any of these apps and here is the app that worked for me. Download & run it then you can see if your phone support USB OTG or not, like this!

Congratulations if your phone supports USB OTG!. Now you have to buy a USB OTG adapter that matches the USB port of your phone. There are two types of USB ports are available

  1. Micro USB OTG adaptor
  2. USB Type C OTG adaptor

USB Type C OTG Adaptor

Now that you’re ready to experience the USB OTG experience, hundreds of devices are waiting to be purchased by you. So let’s see the amazing work that can be done with USB OTG.

1. Control your smartphone using a USB mouse/wireless mouse & wireless/wired keyboard

This is an amazing use of USB OTG .you can easily plug a USB mouse or keyboard via OTG adaptor then instantly you can use it. No need to install any app. If you are a blog writer, this feature helps you! You can write blogs via your mobile phone without a PC or Laptop.

As well as if you are a mobile gamer, you can play almost any game using this setup. If you want to plug a USB mouse and Keyboard same time you can use a USB HUB with a USB OTG adaptor. Sound like crazy, right! It’s really simple, trust me!

2. Connect USB Pen drives and External HARD Drives to android

No wonder, nowadays we all have this problem, it is android internal storage shortage. Now you have a solution. Plug the USB OTG adaptor and connect the USB PEN drive or External hard drive. You can move your all files to a Pen drive or Hard Drive! As well as you can copy Films or any other files from a pen drive or Hard drive too.

If you don’t want to transfer files you can directly play music or videos from a pen drive or hard drive via OTG Adaptor.

3. Play Video or Music From Portable DVD Player

Much like Mouse, a keyboard with a standard plug-and-play USB works well with a smartphone via OTG. But this time you need to install a small app on your phone. It’s called “MLUSB Mounter”.after successfully installing the app you can plug android into a Portable DVD player via OTG adaptor. Then open MLUSB Mounter App & access your DVD’s files. You can play videos, music without transferring files to a smartphone

4. Use Endoscope Camera with Android

You can connect a camera to a phone via USB OTG that can send it to places we can’t reach. You can use a USB ENDOSCOPE camera for this. First, connect the OTG adaptor to the phone. Now plug the endoscope camera into it. Now you can see the camera footage through the camera app.

5. Use Smartphone As a FPV Display

This is very simple. Connect the video out cable of the.FPV transmitter to the phone. This often does not require an OTG adapter.

6. Access limitless internet via Ethernet cable

If you want to reduce ping for online games or get better internet speed than your Wi-Fi, this is the best solution for you. You need to buy an Ethernet to USB cable to get this exciting experience!
Now Plug and play as before. Of course, very few people know about this method.

7. Steal your Friend’s battery energy!

This popular method is called reverse charge. This method allows you to charge your battery from your friend’s phone when your phone’s battery is low.

All you need for this is your charger cable and USB OTG adaptor.

8. Use USB Fan With Android (Not Recommended)

USB fan is also available in the market and can be connected to the phone via OTG. But I do not recommend connecting these devices to the phone.
This is because if these motors short circuit in any way, there is a risk of damaging our phone.

9. Connect and produce good music with musical instruments

You can connect MIDI-compatible music instruments to an android smartphone via OTG. For example, you can connect keyboards to your android device & download the karaoke music app then create amazing music and record song in your own voice! You can get an amazing experience!

10. Connect old Wi-Fi-less Printer via OTG

Newer printers have Wi-Fi capability. But older printers do not have Wi-Fi, so a USB must be connected to a computer. When you do not have a computer, you can connect your phone via USB OTG to take advantage of this printer.
NOTE-But not all older printers support OTG

11. Android controls DSLR Camera

Does your DSLR camera have a LIVE SCREEN? If not, you can use your phone as a LIVE SCREEN. You just need to connect your phone to the camera via OTG and install a DSLR app. You can find thousands of apps for this in the App Store.

12. Play games with video game controllers

New and older versions of XBOX controllers support android devices Via USB OTG! It means you can play mobile games via this controller. Just plug the controller and Enjoy!

There are many valuable articles like this on this site that are useful to you and I hope you like them all. Don’t forget to read them too.

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