Freesat Srilanka 2022, satellite TV for free for a lifetime

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What is Freesat? Why is this service important to us?

In many parts of Sri Lanka, it is not possible to watch Sri Lankan TV channels clearly using an antenna. As a result, many people pay a monthly fee for satellite and cable services such as Dialog and Peo tv. So today I will inform you about a Satellite TV service that allows you to watch local and foreign TV channels free of charge at no monthly or daily fees. It is a valuable service that saves money in your wallet and allows you to watch TV clearly.

Freesat Srilanka

This satellite TV service is called Freesat Sri Lanka.

Freesat is a service that provides free digital TV coverage to the whole of Sri Lanka via satellite via DVB-S2X technology. Although this free digital TV service is new to Sri Lanka, it is one of the most popular services in foreign countries such as the UK and India.

The technology used in Freesat

It basically uses DVB-S2X Satellite technology. Although Freesat is free to viewers, it is not a free-to-air service and is called Free-to-View. That is, this service is encrypted. The main reason for this is that according to the copyrights of the content broadcast on the channels broadcast through this, they are not allowed to leave Sri Lanka. However, this service must be encrypted according to the above rules as this satellite signal extends across the region. if you use Free to air receive capable recorder to receive Freesat feed, unfortunately, you cant view Freesat feed. because it is encrypted! you must buy a Freesat decoder to watch Freesat Sri Lanka tv channels.

Can we buy freesat service now?

Definitely. After nearly two years of testing broadcasts, the Freesat service is now available to the public, according to their official website.

Currently, Only one of the Freesat set-top boxes from their satellite accessories can be ordered and installed by vendors.

How many channels does Freesat currently have?

Currently, 31 channels can be viewed through Freesat and many more channels will be added later. It basically includes local channels and some foreign channels that you can watch for free without paying. As this is a completely free service, it is not possible to watch foreign channels such as AXN and SONY SIX.

Freesat sri lanka channel list
Freesat Sri Lanka channel list

Don’t need Pay-TV when I buy this?

If you want to watch all the local channels and the foreign channels provided by this for free without any monthly fee from Digital Technology, you do not need to. But if you want to watch Pay-TV channels like Discovery, National Geographic, you have to get that service from a service provider. Like I said before.

Can you give more details about Freesat?

I will definitely give you everything I know and all the confirmed details I can find.

This is the information I found on their website.

Freesat is a Digital Satellite Television Broadcasting Service licensed by the Ministry of Mass Media and Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka.

  • Union Network International Pvt Ltd
  • Registered Company No: PV00203126
  • Registered Office: 20 Nelson Place, Colombo 6
  • Official website –

What are the upcoming and current tech gadgets offered by Freesat Srilanka?

Currently, you can only buy the HD Set-top-Box

Freesat Hd setop box
Freesat Hd set-top box

How much is it?

LKR 9250

Can Freesat be used by the Freesat HD box on the Dialog TV antenna and Dish TV antenna?

Yes, of course, a .65cm dish antenna is good enough for Freesat signal capture.

What are the upcoming Freesat accessories for the market?

There are several devices that will be released in the market in the future. They are as follows

freesat home hub
Freesat home hub
Freesat antenna kit
Freesat antenna kit
freesat sri lanka DVB TV
freesat sri lanka DVB TV

How do I buy a Freesat?

Place an order from the place of order on this Freeset official website here

Can I watch Freesat on an existing Free-to-Air STB without buying new accessories?

Freesat is free to the audience but not a free-to-air service. We call this Free-to-View. That means the service is encrypted. Therefore, a dedicated STB should be purchased for this purpose. The main reason for this is that most of the content broadcast on Freesat channels is copyrighted and prohibited from crossing the Sri Lankan border. The service must be encrypted according to the above rule as the satellite signal is spread across the region.

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