Record Audio Using Budget Recorders

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Budget Audio recorder
Budget Audio recorder

People use recorders for different purposes such as vlogging, for journalism, high quality audio recording and lots of purposes. In past we had casket recorders to record to audio recording and that recorders were very expensive. In today we can buy a voice recorder without any problem. These budget `recorders are allowing to record ADSL line calls using special adapter.

You can record audio by simply clicking REC button and stop using stop button .Mode button work as a back button and that button help to switch between modes such as device recording ,call recording and FM mic recording.

This recorder supports the features:

1) One-touch recording & high-quality recording.

2) Three recording modes.

3) VAR/VOR System (Voice Activated/operated recording).

4) Recording via high quality speaker.

5) Playing Back via high quality speaker.

6) Recording via external microphone.

7) LCD screen color backlight.

8) Working as drive free USB flash disk.

9) Built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

10) Low battery indicating function.

11)Time stamp, Display hours and minute (24-hour format)

Other Details of this device:

  • Recording format: .wav
    Supports .mp3, .wma, .asf and .wav formats
    Recording bitrates: 32kbit/s, 64kbit/s, 192kbit/s and 384kbit/s
    Rechargeable 220mA battery
    Operating time: up to 15 hours


  • Audio book.
  • Voice Messages
  • Meetings
  • Interviews
  • Education

This device comes with data cables, microphone, hand free, ADSL adapter and device you can find more details from this video.

"Sharing Is Caring"

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